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FLYkitesurfing School

You can guarantee that we will provide you with the perfect lesson and this is what we have to offer:


You will be given the latest equipment to learn on. We use the latest gear and make sure we stay up to date every year.


The North Gonzales is what we use for our beginner students. The Gonzales is an extremely versatile board and can be used even after the completion of your course.

The Gonzales, ideal for free riding, is extremely responsive when trying to stay upwind.

The straps are super comfortable and the pads are very soft on the knees, making your learning experience comfortable and efficient.


The North Buzz kite is what we use for all of our beginner lessons. The Buzz has proven to be ideal for beginners.

They are extremely stable kites with an incredible de-power range.

The North Buzz is a safe teaching Kite for beginner courses and very easy to handle.



Our instructors are all IKO certified. This means that they have been certified and accredited by the international kiteboarding organization.

This accreditation ensures that the instructors are well aware of all the safety precautions and regulations.

It also means that by the end of your course you will be presented with a certificate/ID that acknowledges your ability to kitesurf and can be used as proof in all kitesurfing centers around the world.

Visit the IKO website for more info

Lesson Schedule

A typical course consists of a 3 day (9 hour course). This can be completed over the course of two consecutive weekends. If you are too busy and don't have the time don't panic. We will provide you with hourly lessons and introductory courses.

Day 1

On the first day you will be introduced to your instructor. The instructor will go over theory. Introducing you to the prevailing wind conditions and what kitesurfers refer to as "the wind window". Your instructor will also go over beach safety/right of way launching/landing and tides. Once you have completed the boring theoretical yet extremely important segment you will be introduced to your first 2m-trainer kite. You will be flying your trainer kite on the beach in order for you to get a feel of the wind conditions and to explore the wind window explained earlier in theory. The last hour of Day 1 will end with a downwind body drag with a larger kite for you to explore the power and maneuverability of a large kite.

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Day 2

Day 2 will begin in the water. The day will start with a quick refresher of the topics mentioned in day 1 and then you will partake in another downwind body drag. Once you have mastered downwind body drags, your instructor will go over upwind body drags. A technique that even pros use to this day. Upwind body drags are used for board retrievals when you have lost your board. After the completion of a successful upwind body drag you will be introduced to your board.

Day 3

Day 3 will be focusing on getting on your board. You will be required to use all the combined knowledge you have been provided and orchestrate all the techniques you have mastered in order to get on your board do some actual kitesurfing!


We do provide rentals. All our equipment is top of the line and up to date. Come and take your pick from a wide variety of North products.