The Floating Hotel Experience

We are happy to announce the launch of our first floating hotel in Abu Soma Bay. 

Operated by Matarma Bay the boat offers everything you can expect from comfort, luxury and entertainment.

All Kitesurfing and watersports activities are operated by us to ensure the best in quality and excellent service.

The hotel is also accessible to all customers of our center in Mövenpick Soma Bay. Customers can choose a daily or weekly package without accomodation, where they can enjoy a great kitesurfing experience from the boat in one of the best spots possible.


  • 27m length
  • 6 Airconditioned twin or triple cabins
  • 2 Airconditioned Suites
  • Airconditioned indoor lounge and bar area
  • Amazing Sundeck
  • Excellent back platform for kite launching and landing
  • Water desalination systems for continuous fresh water
  • Onboard generators
  • 2 Zodiacs for rescue

Never a Dull Moment Experience


The meeting point will be in Movenpick Soma Bay from the Fly Kitesurfing Center. Our zodiac will pick you up and drop you off on board and during check-out will drop you off where we picked you up. 

Please note that all check-ins should be before 4pm. This is due to the fact that the zodiacs can’t move at night. It would be best if you arrive early so that you can take advantage of the whole day. 

Checkouts should be by 12pm but there is no reason for you not to stay on board and enjoy the day. The zodiac will have to drop you off before 4pm though due to the same fact mentioned above.

The conditions are phenomenal for all riders of all levels. Flat water lagoons that are excellent for all levels of riding. There is also a shallow area where you can have reach and great spot for kitesurfing photoshoot. Some of the best riders in the world used to come to this exact same spot to take videos and photos.

  1. The price includes a meal plan (breakfast-lunch-dinner and a snack) and for riders we are including rescue and storage service. 
  2. There will be a ton of board games on board which you can also use. 
  3. Snorkeling Equipment
  1. Beverages, chocolates, munchies…etc (we will be selling a variety of items on board)
  2. Kitesurfing Rentals
  3. Kitesurfing Courses
  4. Rentals of motorized activities such as wakeboarding…etc
  • Sunblock
  • Great spirit
  • Your adventurous side
  • More board games

There will a variety of other activities to do on board also. 

  1. Should you decide, you can easily do your kitesurfing course. We are offering a 20% discount to all Egyptians and residents from our normal prices.
  2. There will also be SUPs, Wakeboarding, Sea Biscuit and other fun stuff to do. All these activities will be available to rent. Please check the prices once you’re on board.
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